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am pol essay 1 - Sarah Benton American Natl Pol. (A)...

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Sarah Benton American Nat’l Pol. (A) Political Economy Essay; 10/6/09 While many important political points are made in the text Voices of Dissent , I believe that two specific articles stand out in making the most influential points. Martin Luther King Jr.’s “Letters from a Birmingham Jail” and Richard N. Bellah’s “Liberal Individualism and the Crisis of Citizenship” are two articles we have read so far, and are articles that I believe to be the most important ideological pieces in this text. King’s “Letter from a Birmingham Jail” is a response to the ignorance of a majority group, and outlines the greater need for equality, justice and understanding within a community. Bellah’s “Liberal Individualism” explores the new “crisis of citizenship” in our country, and how it is affecting how we live and comport ourselves in society. Both these articles make extremely important points in relation to the cohesiveness of our society and the continuation of freedom in our country. Martin Luther King Jr.’s letter, literally written from a Birmingham, Alabama jail cell, was in response to a previously published letter from local white clergymen, begging the black population to stop rioting and demonstrating. This letter summarized the civil rights movement in the South up to that time. King outlined the need for non-violence and justice among all people, warning that without these basic rights, the “Negro” population might start violently rioting, ruining peace and order in the area. While this letter was a direct response to the Birmingham clergymen, it also served as a public announcement to the civil rights activists in the area. King’s support of non-violence in
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the act of desegregation was a key idea in the movement, as he and other black leaders knew the negative effect violence could have on the sympathy of politicians and the
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am pol essay 1 - Sarah Benton American Natl Pol. (A)...

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