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Sarah Benton Civil Society WriteUp American Pol sec. A 2 points This semester, I attended a round-table talk in the Farrell Room discussing the state of affairs in the Congo. Dr. Losambe and Prof. Mujomba spoke about the situation in the Congo, and how it has changed over the years. The Democratic Republic of the Congo has experienced many severe changes in government, army, economic situations, and even a name change. The main subject of the panel discussion was the current and past treatment of the citizens of the country. Currently, there is a major post-war issue. Women fear rape, and the kidnapping of their children for child armies. It is currently very difficult for many of the Congo’s 66 million citizens to live their lives without fear, and awareness of this fact was the point of Saint Michael’s Congo Awareness week.
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Unformatted text preview: This panel discussion was very eye opening for me. While there has been much media blitz over the genocide in Rwanda, and the military crises in Somalia, very little attention, save for several “ER” episodes, has been given to the issue of the sexual and criminal violence currently taking place rampantly in the Congo. Very few women are able to live safely, and the country itself, and its government, are constantly under siege by neighboring governments and armies. The condition in the Congo has been bad for many years, but especially since the Second Congo War in 1998. The Congo has been receiving help from neighboring countries, the UN, and the US, but will require much more help to truly achieve the status of a “democratic republic”....
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