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civil society rescue - paid and volunteer organizations I...

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Sarah Benton Civil Society WriteUp American Pol sec. A 5 points During the fall semester, I participated in Saint Michael’s College Fire and Rescue at Sutton Firehouse on campus. This program is intended to provide emergency medical care and firefighting capabilities for both the St. Mike’s campus and the surrounding communities. I participated in the medical branch of this organization. My participation included attending “rookie” classes, as a new member, and going on 911 calls for both medicals and traumas. This activity provided me with a strong sense of community as a new student on campus. I have been an Emergency Medical Technician for over 5 years, so I was very excited to join SMC Fire/Rescue. This program is touted as one of the top student-run EMS/Fire organizations in the country, and as someone who has been involved in several
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Unformatted text preview: paid and volunteer organizations, I would venture to say that it is one of the better-run organizations in general. This program affords students many experiences, above and beyond basic medical or fire prevention training. As a rookie, I attended a class in which I learned more about EMS and SMC Rescue, and I also aided elder members on emergency calls. As a young adult, this experience has proven invaluable, as it has made me more mature than my peers, and educated me on how to save a life, which is not a skill that many possess. The SMC Fire/Rescue program has given many students this ability. SMC Fire/Rescue, and my experiences with EMS in general has given me the truest of “civil society” points. I have been given the opportunity not only to help people, but to save multiple lives of those in my community....
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