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Sarah Benton Canadian Studies Press Report #1 Although the article I chose was published in January 2009, I feel that it still has resonance in Canadian current events. This article outlines a new plan to provide a huge sum of money across a broad spectrum of programs for aboriginals. This program includes revisions for schools, living situations, job skills and general economic and mechanical development. This plan would direct $1.4 billion toward the aboriginals, which is a huge number, given that these groups only account for about 4% of the population of Canada. This money is crucial to the aboriginal population due to the lack of economic stimulation in their areas, and the general “budget-day disappointment” that the aboriginals have experienced within the Parliament. With the help of this stimulus package, the economically and developmentally challenged aboriginal areas will be able to start rebuilding their “infrastructure” and address important social concerns. This article, and ultimately the plan itself, address several extremely important issues within the aboriginal community. This community has experienced severe hardship, especially those (surprisingly, the minority) who live outside of major urban areas. These people live in small groups, generally on reservations, and live off the land. This makes life difficult in off-seasons or when large corporations are involved. The aboriginals, and in turn everyone living in the North, will receive sums such as $50 million for “new regional development” agencies, $200 million to “support aboriginal skills and training” and will also provide $1 billion for a repayable loan account for Native businesses to pull from. In doing all this, the government hopes to begin to
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stimulate the areas so that, eventually, they can begin to be self-serving. This will prove
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press report 1 - Sarah Benton Canadian Studies Press Report...

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