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Outline of the Republic Book 1 : Three inadequate definitions/opinions of justice Cephalus : ( traditional/conventional wisdom ) paying back debts & telling the truth Polemarchus : ( the warrior’s view, affective loyalties ) good to friends and harm to enemies Thrasymachus : ( the sophisticated view ) the advantage of the stronger/Injustice is more profitable than Justice Books 2-7 : The Just City and the Just Individual Book 2 : Glaucon’s Challenge: is justice good in itself? The Ring of Gyges. Creating the city in speech, the City of Pigs and the Feverish/Just City Books 2-3 : The Moral Education of Just Rulers
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Unformatted text preview: Book 3 : The Noble Lie Book 4 : Justice defined in the city and the individual. Leontis, Spirit Book 5 : Three waves of reform, Gender Equality, Abolition of Private Families, Philosopher kings. Book 6 : The Ship of State/ Democracy vs. Philosophy Book 6-7 : Educating Philosopher Kings. The divided line Book 7 : The Cave, dialectic, forms defined Book 8-9 : Unjust Cities and Unjust Individuals Book 8 : The descent of regimes and critique of democracy Book 9 : Tyranny, why justice is better than injustice, the answer to Glaucon’s challenge...
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