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Sarah Benton Intro to Politics-B Paper 1 October 5, 2009 4) Is Plato right that democracy is a threat to justice? Assess his critique of democracy and democratic conceptions of freedom in Books V and VIII of The Republic . Are you persuaded? Why or why not? The Republic is an effort by Plato to voice his views on justice, art, good- ness, poetry, forms and happiness through fictional conversations and analyses of Socrates, his preceptor. This work most importantly explores the complex and dichotomous relationship between the theory of justice and its effect on the just man or just society, and democracy in a society. The fundamental issue leading to the struggle between these two ideals can be identified in their basic definitions. Justice, by dictionary definition, is the quality of being right, just, or moral, which, in a vacuum, is a wonderful ideal to follow. True democracy, however, is a state of society in which all citizens involved are treated with, and are expected to treat others with a specific set of morals, ethics and laws set forth and enforced by a group of their peers. The true, underlying issue between these two theories is that while one might feel one action is just, such as treating someone a certain way, or enacting their own revenge on someone, this action might not be viewed by the law, government or ruling class as something that is within the basic democratic rights of
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the citizen. This essay will set forth the question of the reaches of democracy, and
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pol essay 1 - Sarah Benton Intro to Politics-B Paper 1...

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