How does the directo depict Aschenbach’s arrival to Venice

How does the directo depict Aschenbach’s arrival to Venice

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Sarah Benton- Philosophy Take Home Quiz #1 1. How does the director depict Aschenbach’s arrival to Venice? a. The director depicts Aschenbach’s arrival to Venice as artistic, beautiful and somewhat whimsical. He uses music, color and sweeping landscapes to pit the pre-sickness Venice against the post-sickness feeling in the city. 2. Explain briefly how, in the film, Aschenbach disagrees with his friend in respect to the question of nature of art. a. Aschenbach states that the nature of art is a reflection of the life lived. 3. How does the director depict Aschenbach’s obsession Tadziu as he follows the boy and his family down the streets of Venice. a. The director depicts Aschenbach’s obsession with Tadziu as slightly smarmy and creepy. Aschenbach makes himself hidden during his
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Unformatted text preview: pursuit of Tadzuis family throughout Venice. He makes himself slightly known, however, when Tadziu sees him, which inevitably makes him look even odder. 4. How does the director interpret the very end of the novel? a. The director interprets the end of the novel as a very serene death for Aschenbach, making his death on the beaches of Venice very calm, quiet and unpronounced. In the film, very few people witness his death, and no one is quite alarmed about it. 5. How did the film add to your understanding and experience of the novel? a. This film helped me to further understand Aschenbachs obsession with Tadziu, especially during the scenes in which he follows the family, and watches him on the beach....
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