NS 3420 Spring 2010 Course Syllabus

NS 3420 Spring 2010 Course Syllabus - NS 3420 LABORATORY...

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1 | Page NS 3420 LABORATORY STUDIES FOR HUMAN ANATOMY AND PHYSIOLOGY SPRING 2010 COURSE SYLLABUS INSTRUCTOR Dr. Marla Lujan Assistant Professor, Human Nutrition 216 Savage Hall mel245@cornell.edu LABORATORY TEACHING SUPPORT SPECIALIST Dr. Susanne Solomon 354 MVR sns53@cornell.edu GRADUATE TEACHING ASSISTANTS Cao Chang sissi@hkusua.hku.hk Lin Xu lx37@cornell.edu Xinyin Jiang xj37@cornell.edu Amanda Lynch ail7@cornell.edu Jian Yan jy435@cornell.edu UNDERGRADUATE TEACHING ASSISTANTS Carolyn Baek (csb45) carolynbaek@gmail.com Caroline Heidt cdh36@cornell.edu Alexandra Hildreth abh67@cornell.edu Sarah Koblick sbk65@cornell.edu Sana Maheshwari sm664@cornell.edu Alena Mehtani am733@cornell.edu Lisa Passmore lrp35@cornell.edu Jennine Putnick jlp267@cornell.edu Joseph Raviola jbr42@cornell.edu Jonathan Reines jkr29@cornell.edu Eugene Shkolyar es524@cornell.edu Jonathan Soh jms353@cornell.edu ) Andrew Staron as844@cornell.edu ACADEMIC INTEGRITY Students enrolled in this course are expected to abide by the Cornell University Code of Academic Integrity . The Code of Academic Integrity defines Cornell University's official position concerning honesty in academic pursuits. For specific guidelines, please visit the following website: http://cuinfo.cornell.edu/Academic/AIC.html
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2 | Page COURSE OBJECTIVES ± To introduce the organization of the human body using anatomical models, drawings, dissections and histology. ± To introduce the physiology of the major organ systems including, the integumentary, nervous, skeletal, muscular, endocrine, cardiovascular, respiratory, digestive, urinary and reproductive systems. ± To learn how these systems are integrated and regulated at the whole body level using laboratory demonstrations and review of clinical case studies. LECTURE (RILEY ROBB HALL, ROOM 125) Tue 12:20pm – 1:10pm LABORATORY SECTIONS (M VAN RENSSELAER HALL, ROOM 353/356) Section 1: Wed 2:30pm – 4:25pm Section 2: Thu. 9:05am – 11:00am Section 3: Thu. 2:30pm – 4:25pm WEEKLY LECTURE The objective of the weekly lecture is to review material pertinent to the upcoming lab. Efforts have been made to align material presented in NS3410 to what is covered in NS3420. However, there will be times when material covered in lab has yet to be discussed in NS3410. Therefore, it is important to attend the weekly lecture to ensure that you have been introduced to the organ system that will be reviewed in lab and to ensure that you have been directed to the appropriate readings for the week. Attendance to the weekly lecture is mandatory. Attendance is verified by the iClicker system. At the beginning of each lecture, you will be asked to turn off all personal handheld devices. You
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NS 3420 Spring 2010 Course Syllabus - NS 3420 LABORATORY...

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