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Post-Lab Assignment 7 for BB

Post-Lab Assignment 7 for BB - LAB 7 THE MUSCULAR SYSTEM...

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LAB 7 – POST-L A. Matc Match th more tha 1. End 2. Fasc 3. Sarc 4. Peri 5. Nuc 6. Mus 7. Ten 8. Myo 9. Epim 10. Mus – THE MUS LAB ASSIG hing Quest he following an once. domysium cicle comere imysium clei scle fiber don ofibril mysium scle Cell SCULAR S NMENT 7 tions g structures t ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ YSTEM to the letter rs indicated i in the image e above. Let 1 | P tters can be a g e used
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LAB 7 – THE MUSCULAR SYSTEM 2 | P a g e True/False Questions 1. Once a motor neuron has fired, all the muscle fibers in a muscle contract. 2. The thin filaments (actin) contain a polypeptide subunit G actin that bears active sites for myosin attachment. 3. Movements of the thigh are accomplished by muscles anchored to the pelvic girdle. 4. The force of muscle contraction is controlled by multiple motor unit recruitment. 5. The biceps brachii inserts on the radius. 6. A contraction in which the muscle does not shorten but its tension increases is called isometric. 7. The broadest muscle of the back is the latissimus dorsi.
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