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UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, LOS ANGELES M117 Computer Networks. The Physical Layer Spring 2010 Instructor Revaz Dzhanidze 3732 K BH Ph: 44-579 [email protected] TA: Tsung-Yi (Steven) 3704 BH Ph: 58-659 [email protected] Reader Siddharth Mundle 3704 BH Ph: 58-659 [email protected] Introduction This course is a lab oriented course. It is designed to give basic knowledge of the principles of modern data communications and networking through hands-on experience. The focus is on physical and media access layers of the network protocol stack. A series of lab experiments complements the class lectures. Course Objectives To provide fundamental knowledge of the principles underlying wireless data communication systems relevant to digital data communications. To provide hands-on experience by performing a series of laboratory experiments. To gain experience in preparing formal technical report and project based upon laboratory experiments. Meeting Places and Times Lecture Tue/Thur 12:00-1:50 AM 3704 BH Lab 1A Wednesday 10:00-11:50 3704 BH Lab 1B Wednesday 12:00-1:50 AM 3704 BH Office Hours (tentative) R. Dzhanidze 11:00-12:00 AM Tuesdays 3732K, 3704 BH TA - Lab 1A 9:30-10:00 AM Wednesday 3704 BH TA - Lab 1B 11:30-12:00 AM Wednesday 3704 BH Newsgroup and Website http://www.cs.ucla.edu/classes/spring10/cs117 ucla.classes.cs.m117 - available on CSnet and SEASnet news servers Units CS 117 is a 6 unit course. Workload Weekly 3 hours lecture 2 hours prelab homework 2 hours lab experiments 3 hours lab report and project 4 hours outside study 4 hours wireless experiments TA Mailbox The 24-hour accessible TA mailbox (labeled CS 117) is located in BH 4428.
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Homework HW (Pre-laboratory) assignments will be placed on the class webpage each week. The HW should be typed and spell-checked (no hand-written HW will be accepted).
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