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General Recommendations for Lab report and Project LABORATORY REPORT GUIDELINES Report for EE/ CS M117 Class LAB REPORT and PROJECT MUST BE PRESENTED IN PPT SLIDES and INCLUDE The FOLLOWING SECTIONS: 1 Title page (1 slide) 2. Abstract-short and clear description of Goals of the Report (Project) and the main goals of corresponding lab Experiments (1, 2 slide) 3. Lab experiments results and necessary Calculations (with error calculations) . (Should be presented ONLY the part of Lab experiment results that are related to the REPORT calculations “Σ Sections” ). 4. Report Results with errors. 5. Discussion- statements and analysis of obtained results. 6. Conclusions. All together Reports should not exceed 15 slides. .
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THIS IS A RECOMMENDATIONS OF THE REPORTS (PROJECT): Title Page Students’ Name, course #, quarter, date, lab Report number and title (1slide) Abstract Short description of the goals (1, 2 slide). Lab Results Table of lab results related to the report ONLY “Σ Sections” . Consider both qualitative and quantitative results. Use plots, charts, graphs, pictures and other visual representations whenever possible. Fully label all plots and do not forget to present the dimensions of the plotted values. Report (Project) Results
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Report_Project & RDS Recom_S_10 - General...

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