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syllabus - CS170A Mathematical Models and Methods Elements...

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CS170A: Mathematical Models and Methods — Elements of Data Mining Spring 2010 , Tuesday/Thursday 8:00–9:50 , Boelter 2760 Instructor: D. S. Parker , TA: Elaine Wah 1 Course Goals This course is aimed at developing an understanding of mathematical tools that are of central importance in computer science. It emphasizes matrix algebra and statistics, and use of exploratory environments like Maple and Matlab . The models and methods covered here are important elements of data mining. 2 Course Grading There will be a midterm and final, and about 4 homework assignments that will require programming, primarily with MAT- LAB. Students will have the option of completing a project (chosen from a list of available projects provided by researchers at UCLA available the second week of class, or any other project approved by the instructor), or of taking the final exam. Lab & Homework assignments 20% Quiz 5% Midterm exam 35% Project or Final exam 40% 3 Course Outline Mar 30 Introduction Apr 1 Matlab programming and Matrix Algebra Apr 6
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