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Copy of Corp[1]._Fin._Exam_1_Formulas_v4

Copy of Corp[1]._Fin._Exam_1_Formulas_v4 - Corp Fin Midterm...

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Corp. Fin. Midterm 1 Formula Sheet Liquidity Ratios Current Ratio CA/CL Quick Ratio (CA-Inventory)/CL Cash Ratio (Cash+Marketable Securities)/CL Liquidity & Efficiency Ratios Receivables Turnover Sales/Accounts Receivable Days' Sales in Receivables 365/Receivables Turnover Inventory Turnover COGS/Inventory Days' Sales in Inventory 365/Inventory Turnover Total Asset Turnover Sales/Total Assets Equity Multiplier Total Assets/Equity or EM = 1+ D/E or 1/1-D/TA Leverage Ratios Total Debt Ratio (TA-TE)/TA Debt-to-Equity TD/TE Coverage Ratios Times Interest Earned EBIT/Interest Cash Coverage (EBIT+Depreciation)/Interest Profitability Measures COGS Margin COGS/Sales Gross Profit Margin Gross Profit/Sales Operating Profit Margin EBIT/Sales Return on Sales (ROS) Net Income/Sales Return on Assets (ROA) Net Income/Total Assets Return on Equity (ROE) Net Income/Total Equity Earnings per share Net Income/ # Shares Outstanding Market Value Measures Price/Earnings ratio (P/E) Price per share/Earnings per share Market-to-Book ratio
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