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HW1 - 2 Submit your solution in electronic format in or 3...

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ENG 111 HW1 Winter 2009 Q. Select two companies from the following list: Amgen, Microsoft, Google, Citibank, General Motors. (1) Find their Balance Sheet and Income Statement. (2) Calculate the following financial ratios: Current ratio Total asset turnover Profit margin Equity multiplier Return on equity (3) Verify the Du Pont identity by the results in (2). Note: 1. Put your name, id number, section number on top of your solutions.
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Unformatted text preview: 2. Submit your solution in electronic format in .pdf or .doc. 3. Submit your homework at the “ Assignments/Submit ” on courseweb. 4. Please cite your source of information(You are allowed to use balance sheet and income statement on various websites. Please cite your source.). Plagiarism is strictly prohibited. 5. Due at 11:59 pm, 01/21/2009. No Late Submissions...
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