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Lab Practice 2 - Decision cell (C6) and the Forecast cell...

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_________________________________________________________________________________________________ BUSI 410 – Lab Practice #2 Due 2/10/2010 This second lab practice is intended to provide you with some practice using Crystal Ball to build and analyze simulation models. We will be building on the mechanics you learn in this lab. Getting comfortable with Crystal Ball will make the later portions of simulation modeling easier. Start by building a simulation model for Bob Knowitall’s Newstand problem. Instructions for doing this are on pp. 39-45 of your coursepack. You can ignore the material on Launching the Decision Table Tool on p. 45. Once you have built a model for Bob’s problem and specified the Assumption cell (C7), the
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Unformatted text preview: Decision cell (C6) and the Forecast cell (C19), do the following: • Click the Start button. • After Crystal Ball has completed the simulation run, close the Profit histogram window. • Click the Create Report button and make sure Forecasts Report is selected (with a surrounding rectangle) and click OK. • Print and hand in only the second page (out of three pages) of the Forecast report. Don’t forget to add your name! This is an individual assignment. Each of you should hand in your own Forecasts Report. Remember that lab practice assignments will be graded only for completion, not correctness. As long as I am convinced that you made an honest effort to model Bob’s problem, you will receive full credit....
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