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HW 3 Answers - _ _ BUSI 410 Answers to Homework #3...

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_____________________________________________________________________________ ________________ BUSI 410 – Answers to Homework #3 P & G’s advertising spending is concentrated in a few countries, each of which receives near or over $100 million. The remaining countries, generally, receive far less advertising. I had to do three rounds of elimination of outliers. These results, along with the mean and standard deviation for the data set, are tabled below: Round xbar s Outliers Removed All data 116.86 381.65 United States First 65.52 106.99 China Second 54.39 73.21 United Kingdom and Germany Final Result 42.31 43.71 After eliminating all outliers, the histogram is: bins in  sds Frequen cy -89 0 -45 0 -1 0 42 31 86 8 130 5 173 3 More 0 1
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The histograms for P & G’s advertising spending and the Normal distribution are shown on the next page. The light bars are P & G’s advertising, the dark bars are the Normal distribution. You can see that the advertising spending doesn’t look anything like a Normal distribution. The vast majority of the spending levels lie between the mean and one standard deviation below the mean, and the distribution is highly skewed. In summary, the distribution of P & G’s advertising is not at all Normal. To further demonstrate this xbar = 42.31 while the median of the trimmed data (outliers excluded) is 23.2. Symmetrical data have means and medians which have approximately the same value. These two numbers show these data are not symmetrical. Additional statistics for the distribution of P & G’s advertising:
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HW 3 Answers - _ _ BUSI 410 Answers to Homework #3...

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