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_____________________________________________________________________________ ________________ BUSI 410 - Homework #4 Due 4/5/2010 There are three problems in this assignment. All three problems are from the text book. Each of these problems has multiple parts. Below are the problems, plus any modifications to the statements of these problems in the book. 1) Case 4-2: GM Revenue Forecast (pp. 131-132). In addition to answering the questions on p. 132, please answer the following question: f. Present a scatterplot of the residuals from your regression. Are the residuals heteroscedastic? Are the residuals approximately normally distributed? g. GM’s revenue for Q2 2007 (i.e., J-07) was 46.67B. What is the prediction error from your model? Explain qualitatively if you think there was a way to avoid this prediction error. 2) Assignment 4-1 Impact of Defense Spending on Economic Growth (p 133). Instead of writing up the report mentioned in the assignment, please provide
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