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_____________________________________________________________________________ ________________ BUSI 410 – Group Project Assignment Due at the beginning of class on March 29, 2010 General Instructions: 1. This is a team project, to be completed by teams of 4 or 5 students. 2. Submit just one written report for the team. 3. Make sure the names of each of your team members are on your report. 4. Read Case 5-1 Segmentation of the Market for Preemie Diapers (pages: 135- 141). 5. After reading the case, attempt the questions given in this assignment. 6. There are two parts to your report that you need to turn in. You need to hand in a Memo and a printout showing your analysis. Both parts will be graded. a. The Memo should follow the format suggested in Section 5.2 of your textbook (pp. 147-148) and illustrated on p. 148. Note that the Memo should be single- spaced, using 12 pt font, and no longer than two pages. b. Your report should be accompanied by annotated printout showing the answers to all the questions asked. Remember to use appropriate titles for your charts. General Assignment: Help Deb Henretta price the new diapers and identify the target customers. Grading of your Assignment: Your assignment will be graded using the following criteria and weights Accuracy of your analyses 75% Presentation of your results 10% Moving beyond the numbers 15% For the latter two criteria, we will be asking ourselves the following questions: Presentation of your results: Have you written your report using the format suggested above? Is your report understandable? Is it comprehensive? Is it succinct? Moving beyond the numbers:
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Project_Assignment - _ _ BUSI 410 Group Project Assignment...

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