chapterterms - Chapter 10 chamber orchestra - a scaled-down...

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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 10 chamber orchestra - a scaled-down ensemble; a small version of a full-sized orchestra concerto - musical work with an orchestra and a solo instrument darabukkah/tombak - a Middle Eastern membranophone with a goblet shape dastgah - traditional Persian musical system consisting of a number of categories of melody that are distinguished by pitch content, melodic contours, and ornamentation flute - an aerophone, such as the ney, that is generally tubular and who air column is set into vibration by the player's blowing against a sharp edge gushe - Persian melody ney - an end-blown Middle Eastern flute whose sound has a breathy quality quarter tones - pitches that fall between those of the Western scale Western orchestra - the major instrumental ensemble of Western classical music from the late eighteenth century to present. Commonly consists of bowed chordophones, aerophones, idiophones, and membranophones Chapter 4 ballad - a song genre commemorating important events and individuals call-and-respons e - a performance practice in which a leader made a musical statement and another performer responds with a musical answer countermelody - a melody that contrasts with a main melody, or tune, played at the same time diaspora - people living outside their historic homeland who maintain memories of, and attachments to, their place of origin heterophony - a musical texture in which two or more parts sound almost the same melody at almost the same time ho [haw] - a Vietnamese work song maqam - the system governing pitch and melody in Arab music melismatic text setting - vocal music in which each syllable of the text is sung to many...
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chapterterms - Chapter 10 chamber orchestra - a scaled-down...

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