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Plant diversity 1: Colonizing land Chapter 29 Terms: Sporopollenin- Phragmoplast- Gametophyte- Sporophyte- Apical meristem- Archegonium- Anteridium- Cuticle- Homosporous lifecycle- Heterosporous lifecycle- Microphyll- Megaphyll- Sporphyll- Strobilis- Sorus- Indusium- Key Concepts: 1. What algal lineage is sister to the land plants? What shared derived features (i.e., synapomorphies) link this group of algae to the land plants? A. _______________ B. _______________ C. _______________ D. _______________ E. _______________
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2. What features define land plants? A. __________________ B. __________________ C. __________________
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Unformatted text preview: D. __________________ E. __________________ 3. How do the lifecycles of land plants differ from all other organisms? Sketch a generalized lifecycle of a land plant and label the following: gametophyte, sporophyte, meiosis, and fertilization. 4. Sketch the phylogenetic relationships among the major groups of land plants (e.g., Pterophytes, Hornworts, Gymnosperms, Mosses, Angiosperms, Liverworts, and Lycophytes ). On this tree place the following synapomorphies that unite and differentiate lineages: megaphyll, flowers, vascular tissue, seeds, and sporophyte dominate life cycle....
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Lecture%20outline_Feb15_17 - D. __________________ E....

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