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1. Which of the following is TRUE with regard to the transport of water in plants: A. Root pressure pushes water up the stem for long distances (more than 50 meters) B. Transpiration of water out the stomates of leaves pulls water up the stem C. The primary tissue responsible for water movement is phloem D. Water is pumped up the stem and requires the use of ATP E. All of the above
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Unformatted text preview: 2. In a plant undergoing secondary growth, the epidermis is replaced by a protective layer called______________ that is formed by the cork cambium A. Cambioderm B. Bark C. Vascular cambium D. Periderm E. Heartwood 3. The passive traps of insectivorous plants called pitcher plants are modified ______________. A. Roots B. Stems C. Leaves D. Flowers E. Meristems...
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