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1 Principles of Organismal Biology Biol 152 – Spring 2010 (4 credits) Class meetings Lecture: 2:00 pm – 2:50 pm, Mon, Weds, Fri, Budig 130 Lecture instructors Dr. Mark Mort ([email protected], 785-864-5706, Haw 6010) Dr. Robert Moyle ([email protected], 785-864-1870, Dyche 709A) Lecture graduate teaching assistant: Carl Oliveros Course e-mail address: [email protected] Office hours : The lecture TA will have regular office hours (to be posted on Blackboard). You are also welcome to set up an appointment to meet with the TA or instructors and to ask questions before, during, and after class. Email is usually the easiest way to contact us outside of class. Prerequisites : Principles of Biology (Biol 150 or 151) Overview : This course will provide you with fundamental knowledge concerning the structure, function, ecology, population biology, evolution, and diversity of the organisms on Earth. Understanding how organisms are constructed, how they cope with life, and how they are related to each other is basic to an understanding of biology. Course website : (Blackboard) Certain assignments and sources of information will be available only on the website. It is your responsibility to learn how to use the various aspects of Blackboard. Sources of guidance include the “Using Blackboard” button or the User Manual in the Tools section. Ask the TAs or instructor if you have problems.
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Biology%20152_sp2010_syllabus_revised - Principles of...

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