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Math 116: Calculus II—Spring 2010 Course #58607 Monday/Wednesday/Friday 10:00–10:50 AM 301 Snow Hall Instructor: Eric Benavidez Office: 555 Snow Hall Email: Office hours: 1:00–2:00 PM Monday–Friday Course website: Blackboard Prerequisite: Math 115 plus a course in trigonometry (Math 103 may be taken concurrently) or Math 121. Textbook: Tan, S. T. Applied Calculus Math 115–116 (University of Kansas Edition), 2008. We will cover most sections of chapters 6, 7, 8, 12, and 11, in that order. Graphing Calculator: TI-83/84 or equivalent Homework: Homework assignments and their due dates will be posted on Blackboard. Homework is due by the end of the class period on the given due date. Late homework will incur a 5 point penalty (or scored 0 if you earn less than 5 points on it). This penalty may be waived for good cause at the discretion of the instructor. Five randomly-selected problems will be graded from each assignment, scored at 5 points each, for a total
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