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ME2004 Project(Design and Make) Student Name: Student ID: Exercise 2 on TRIZ 40 Principles For each of the following examples of products, services or methods, which TRIZ principle(s) has/have been applied? Product, Service or Method TRIZ Principle(s) used e.g. Telescopic car aerial 7(“Nested Doll”) Different focal length lenses for a camera Electric Plug Swiss-Army knife Combined can and bottle opener Sharp and blunt end of a drawing pin Rubber on the end of a pencil Hammer with nail puller Lunch box with special compartments for hot and cold solid foods and for liquids Loose-leaf paper in a ring binder Non-smoking areas in restaurants or in railway carriages Sound of a barking dog (with no dog) as a burglar alarm Freezer compartment in refrigerator Human-shaped seating, etc Special connectors with complex shape/pin configurations to
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Unformatted text preview: ensure correct assembly Multi-colour ink cartridges Multi-blade razors Bi-focal lens spectacles Grass collector on a lawn-mower Cleaning strip at beginning of a cassette tape cleans tape heads Cordless drill also acts as screwdriver, sander, polisher, etc Retractable power-lead in vacuum cleaner Seat belt retraction mechanism Tape measure Kayak with foam floats built into hull cannot sink Swim-bladder inside a fish Self-adhesive stamps Air-bag in a car /Spare wheel / Battery back-up Moving sidewalk with standing people Drive through restaurant or bank Folding chair/mobile phone/laptop/etc Bendy drinking straw Coiled telephone wire Spiral staircase Introduction of down and up slopes between stations Player with many CD's Dog-whistle...
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  • Refrigerator, Digital Compact Cassette, office equipment, Method TRIZ Principle, retraction mechanism Tape

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