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ME2004 Project(Design and Make) Title: Design and Construction of Assistive Devices for Physically Disabled People or Elderly Objective: To design devices that will help physically disabled or elderly people to live a normal life without assistance from other people Description: Elderly and physically disabled people, e.g. those with one arm, or blind people, sometimes have a sense of guilt towards their family members because they feel that they are very dependent on them to do even very simple things, e.g. tying their shoe laces, putting on socks, etc. This project aims at conducting a thorough study on the needs of elderly and different types of physically disabled people and how well are their needs being addressed by existing assistive equipment. Then, an attempt will be made to design better assistive devices for them. Scope of The students will need to conduct a thorough study of Assistive Technology,
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Unformatted text preview: Work: types of disability and their associated needs, status quo of assistive devices in the local market. Evaluation of the effectiveness of the available assistive devices will be carried out and the students will be required to come up with better solutions. The design will be done in CAD software and approved designs will be prototyped first virtually in the computer to prove its technical feasibility and then the experimental prototype will be manufactured and tested. Budget: For each group, a maximum of HK$500 can be claimed for materials and items purchased. Anything without receipts will NOT be claimable. Photocopying, stationery for report binding and items alike will NOT be claimable. If you are in doubt about the claimability of the item that your group plan to purchase, please ask. Grouping: Each group will consist of three students....
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