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Guidelines for writing need statements (Follows from Ulrich and Eppinger, 2 nd . Ed., Ch 4, Exhibit 4-7, p. 70) Guideline Customer Statement Correct need statement Incorrect need statement “What” not “how” Specificity Positive not negative An attribute of the product Avoid “must” and “should” Why don’t you make it out of aluminum I don’t like to feel anything bending Might use it in a cold garage in winter Assembly with standard bike tools would be good Others in family may wish to use it The Bike Trainer is
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Unformatted text preview: lightweight The Bike Trainer has minimal deflection while in use The Bike Trainer operates normally at below freezing temps The Bike Trainer can be assembled with standard bike tools The Bike Trainer is adjustable for other bikes and other people The Bike Trainer is be aluminum The Bike Trainer is be sturdy The Bike Trainer is not disabled by cold temps Standard bike tools can assemble the Bike Trainer The Bike Trainer should be adjustable for other bikes and other people...
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