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The Hong Kong Polytechnic University Department of Mechanical Engineering ME2004 Project(Design and Make) Project Proposal Team Members:  LEE Ho Lan NG Fan Hok CHEUNG Lau Bang
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SUMMARY The proposal charts out a plan of how to create a snowmobile or snowmobile sub- system. The proposal not only describes the intended design, but also the steps of how to get there and the resources that will be required. You should begin your report by summarizing it. The summary should have 1-2 sentences, “This proposal describes. ..” and then 1-2 sentences about the proposed design and it’s specifications and 1-2 sentences about what will be required to build it. INTRODUCTION The introduction of your report goes here. The introduction should be 1 paragraph starting something like “The snowmobile proposed for the Design Project is. ..” The introduction should then have another paragraph, explaining why the design of the new snowmobile would make it better than the previous one. Then mention new features and give
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2596705884 - ME2004Project(DesignandMake ProjectProposal...

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