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handouts - Gates B wing in the side entrance lobby near the...

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Handouts This is the repository for all handouts that are given out in class, section, and practice sessions. If you're looking for a particular handout here that you can't find or if you find any missing documents listed below, mail the Mrs. Li ; it may have just been misplaced. All documents here are in Adobe Acrobat format; the reader for this format is available for free. You can find extra paper copies of these handouts in the "Handout Hangout" on the 1st floor of
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Unformatted text preview: Gates, B wing in the side entrance lobby, near the undergraduate pictures. Date # Handout Name 03/8/29,Thu 1 chapter 1 03/9/1,Mon 2 chapter 2 03/9/9,Tue 3 chapter 3 03/9/10,Wed 4 chapter 4 please right click your mouse and select "save object as. .." to download the file. For issues or comments on this web page, please send mail to the Mrs. Li ....
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  • Fall '08
  • PingLi
  • English-language films, Web page, Adobe Creative Suite, Portable Document Format, Academy Award for Best Picture, Mrs. Li

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