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EE 101 Handout # 2 Prof. A. El Gamal Jan 16, 2003 Homework Assignment #2 Due: Thursday 1/23 Reminder: Quiz 1 will be next Thursday 1/23 during the Frst 15 minutes of the lecture. It will be on material covered by homework sets 1 and 2. 1. Source Transformation. ±ind i in the circuit shown below. Instead of writing multiple KCL and KVL equations, use a sequence of source transformations to reduce the circuit to a single loop so that you only need to write a single KVL equation to Fnd i . Hint: Show that you can perform source transformation on the parallel combination of dependent current source and resistor. 1A 1V 2V i 2 i 2. Sketch the v i characteristic of the two-terminal element below. The diode is char- acterized by the ideal diode model with v th = 1V. v i 3. Two diodes in parallel. Consider two diodes characterized by the exponential model i = i 0 ( e v/v T - 1), with i 0 = 10 - 14 A and v T = 26mV. Suppose we form a two-terminal circuit element by connecting the diodes in parallel but oppositely oriented, as shown below: 1
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hw2 - EE 101 Prof A El Gamal Handout 2 Homework...

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