quiz1 - with v th = 1V(a What state is the diode operating...

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EE 101 Handout #5 Prof. Abbas El Gamal January 23 2003 Quiz #1 This is a 15 minute closed everything quiz . Show enough work in the blank space to convince us that you derived, not guessed, your answer. Put your answers in the box below. NAME: Consider the circuit in the Fgure. Assume the ideal op-amp model and the ideal diode model
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Unformatted text preview: with v th = 1V. (a) What state is the diode operating in? (b) ±ind v out . (c) ±ind the power p s supplied or dissipated by the 1A source. 1A 2Ω 1Ω 1Ω 1Ω v out (a) Diode: on/o² (b) v out = V (c) p s = W supplied/dissipated...
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