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quiz1_sol - p s = 1W If you were to assume that the diode...

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EE 101 Handout #8 Prof. Abbas El Gamal January 28 2003 Quiz #1 Solution We assume that the diode is on and replace it with a 1V source. 1A 1V v out Now, by voltage divider, v + = v out / 2. By ideal op-amp model v - = v out / 2. Thus by KVL (from - terminal to output) v out / 2 - 1 = v out , which gives v out = - 2V. Now, v - = - 1V, and the power dissipated in the current source is
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Unformatted text preview: p s = 1W. If you were to assume that the diode is oF and analyze the circuit (which is a good exercise), you would ±nd that v-=-2V and v out =-4V, which impies that the diode has 2V “forward bias”. This of course contradicts the asumption that it is oF. So, it must be on....
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