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EE 101 Handout #23 Prof. Abbas El Gamal March 6, 2003 Quiz #3 Solution Problem 1: (a) The small signal model for the Device is simply a resistor of value R D = 4 i bias D Ω. By inspection, i bias D = 1mA, thus R D = 4Ω and the small signal model is simply a current source i s in series with a 4Ω resistor. (b) The small signal relation is v s out = 4 i s . Problem 2: (a) In static condition the inductor can be replaced by a short circuit and the capacitors
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Unformatted text preview: can be replaced by open circuits. So, the current through the inductor is simply 2A. Thus the energy stored in the inductor is 1 2 × 2 2 × 2H = 4J. (b) The voltage on the the two capacitors in series is 2A × 3Ω = 6V. Thus by capacitor voltage divider v 1 F = 6 × 1 / 3 = 2V. Thus the energy stored in the 1F capacitor is 1 2 × 2 2 × 1F = 2J....
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