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MAE 220B Spring 2010 HW 1 - Show how you obtain 00733 . ) (...

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MAE 220B (Spring 2010) - Homework No. 1 (Due Wednesday, April 7, 2010, 5:00 pm) For the problems of this homework, use the cgs (i.e., centimeter-gram-second) system of units only. Problem 1 : Consider the reaction N 2 + O 2 2NO at temperature of 3000 K and pressure of 1 atm. Calculate the equilibrium constant for concentrations, K c . Use the values given in Table A (page 168 of Vincenti and Kruger). Problem 2 : (a) Calculate the degree of ionization of atomic hydrogen at temperatures of 1000 K, 4000 K, 7000K, and 10000 K for a pressure of 1 atm. The ionization energy for hydrogen is 13.6 ev. The mass of electron is 9.1 x 10 28 gram. Neglect electronic excitation. Note that 1 ev is equivalent to a characteristic temperature of 11,600 K. (b) Still neglecting electronic excitation, at what temperature is 92% of the gas ionized? Problem 3 : (a) Air composition is approximately 21% oxygen and 79% nitrogen (by volume).
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Unformatted text preview: Show how you obtain 00733 . ) ( 2 O n mole/gr and 02730 . ) ( 2 N n mole/gr for real air, as given on page 168 of Vincenti and Kruger. Here, n is the mole-mass ratio. (b) Consider reactions (5.1a) through (5.1c) of page 165 (in Vincenti and Kruger). Assume that there is no ionization, and the air mixture is composed of the following five chemical species: O 2 , O, N 2 , N, and NO. The air density is at its atmospheric value (as given in Chapter I, Section 6). Calculate the mole-mass ratio for these five species when the mixture temperature is 6000 K. Also, obtain the mole percent of each specie, and compare the values with those in Fig. 4, page 174 of Vincenti and Kruger (which is for a more comprehensive mixture model at a density of 1/100 of standard atmospheric density)....
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