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Motherhood Page 1 Brittany Landrey Journey to Motherhood Brittany Landrey Composition I – 127 Natalie Peeterse 1/14/2010
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Motherhood Page 2 JOURNEY TO MOTHERHOOD I am a mother of two beautiful children, a boy and girl. I am again expecting my third child, which is a little boy. I have been through a lot of emotions and times. Watching my children grow as been amazing for me, from first steps, first words, first teeth, it has been a great road so far with many challenges. It has had a major impact positively in my life; it has taught me many things which I use in day to day task. I had a rough start being a teenager I was in and out of trouble. I was addicted to drugs and hanging around in places I should not have been. The day I found out my we were going to have our first baby it changed me. I suddenly had the hope to want to do better. I wanted to be better for him (my son). He was the start of my new improved life, then when he was two months old I found out I was pregnant again, which we soon learned that it was with my daughter. I wanted to better myself to be a better role model for them. I had gone from a lost drug addict teenager, to a mother of two amazing children. Although I had straightened my life a little before becoming pregnant I had the will power, and the hope to succeed. I could never imagine doing the stuff I use to do having them. They changed my life in the most positive way possible. I am a good person now, and that was the best gift they could ever give to me.
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