compare&contrast - Lakshmi Perumalla Compare and...

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Lakshmi Perumalla Compare and Contrast I have two daughters who are as different as sugar and salt. The older one is 16 years and is going to high school while younger one is 13 years old and is going to middle school. They are both are pretty and do well at school. They are also very respectful and listen to me all the time. My eldest daughter, however, is very slow and younger one is very fast in doing their work. My eldest daughter also likes Indian food, which is what I cook. The younger one, however, likes restaurant foods such as Italian or American. They both play music, however, the eldest one plays classical music, such as the violin while the younger one plays band music such as the guitar. They also have a difference in what type of music they like to listen to. For example, my elder daughter likes to listen to singers such as Alicia Keys while my younger daughter is more into bands such as Paramore. They are both taking foreign languages; the eldest one is learning French and younger one is
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compare&contrast - Lakshmi Perumalla Compare and...

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