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Perumalla 1 Hello Lakshmi: Thanks for sending your essay into etutoring. I am Mary, your tutor today, and I am happy to read your work and to offer feedback and suggestions. You describe your assignment as follows: I have to write about Gender differences, in addition to this I have to discuss a perspective that differs from my own. Researching a topic. MLA You ask for the following specific help: Grammer/grammar and perspective As with many issues in education, the pendulum periodically swings back and forth from emphasizing single-gender education to coed education. An excellent contemporary resource can be found at http://www.singlesexschools.org/advantages-forboys.htm The first issue, Lakshmi, is whether you have completed the assignment according to the expectations of your instructor. After reading your paper, I see that you give some strong supportive evidence in favor of single-gender education, but I must admit that you have fallen victim to many of the stereotypes about learning styles for boys and girls. The most current theories indicate that the instructor must use a variety of teaching techniques because students thrive from a number of different learning techniques. This is not gender-based, so no matter where you teach, you need to know your students, and you need to tailor your classroom activities to meet the needs of all students. A critical issue in writing a college essay is the use of citations, both in-text (parenthetical) and in a Works Cited list. I note that you have a Works Cited list, but you include no parenthetical citations. For many helpful explanations about citations, see the
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following website for MLA documentation: http://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/557/01/ Then you must insert the citations within the body of your paper. Also, do not use lists in essays as you do with the test results in paragraphs 4-5. Write everything in paragraph form. Lakshmi, I suggest the following Next Steps: 1. Clarify the thesis of your essay and build up the introduction. 2. Review each paragraph to make certain each detail supports the thesis. 3. Try to stay away from stereotypes for behavior or boys or girls. It used to be thought that something in the brains of girls made them less likely to succeed in math. It’s not the brain – it’s the way math is taught – girls have different learning needs than boys. 4. Resubmit the essay to etutoring after revision for further feedback. Thank you for choosing etutoring to share your work. I believe that working with the tutors will help you to become a stronger, more confident writer. I really enjoyed reading your work, and I hope that you will use eTutoring.org again. Best wishes,
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eassy311gender - Perumalla 1 Hello L akshmi: Thanks for...

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