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Lakshmi Perumalla. The Manliness Men by Harvey Mansfield I agree with Mansfield that word manliness is no longer in use. Women’s revolution has accomplished in many accepts. I grew up in India in a small town where there is so much difference in gender. In the olden days like everybody else my country also the males have certain rules and women have certain rules and everybody followed those rules. Women are supposed to be at home and service their family while men go out and earn money to support there family. Today everything changed and women are coming out from their homes and working like men. However, in my family my father is the only one who worked and supported my family while my mother stayed at home. They also believed that if I know how to read and write it is suffient for me they didn’t send me to higher studies because they have to pay tuition. But they paid donation for my brother higher studies who gets
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Unformatted text preview: always lower grades than me. I felt very sad and fought with them to send me to higher studies, instead they did not allow me to go to college and they also forced me to get married. When I moved here I was surprised by seeing there was no much difference in genders. One time my electricity has some problems and my husband called the electricity department to fix it they sad some one will come and book an appointment for that evening. I was surprised to see a female instead of male who took care of electricity problem she even gone to the pole and repaid, I never seen a female who does those jobs in India. One more thing that amazed me most is bus drivers who are females. The world is changing and believes there is no difference between men and women and they have to treat the same....
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