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jou13 - Lakshmi Perumalla Veiled Intentions Dont Judge a...

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Lakshmi Perumalla Veiled Intentions: Don’t Judge a Muslim Girl by Her Covering by Maysan Haydar. Maysan Haydar shows very good observations on genders in her article. People often make stereotypical assumptions when they see something that is not common and in some cases, they are wrong. Men have had a different opinion on the abilities of women ever since the beginning of times and even though it has gotten drastically better, women are still sometime regarded as inferior. However, women these days are becoming more and more capable of doing tasks that were once considered as something for men to do. Some women will go out of their way to look beautiful in order to be accepted by some people. For example, my coworker gets up earlier than usual to do all of her make up and her hair. However, all of this preparation is not needed because she can just come into work simply dressed. Muslim women immigrants can experience many stereotypical remarks because of the way they dress. What some people do not understand is that they are just as normal
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