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framingclass - Lakshmi Perumalla Framing class Vicarious...

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Lakshmi Perumalla. Framing class, Vicarious Living, and Conspicuous Consumption by Diana Kendall. I agree with Diana Kendall that the media has greatly pictured the social classes in the last half-century. Every day we follow the media in all accepts. Some times they will propagate negative things about the rich classes and other times they will support them as well. Sometimes, the media will advertise in such a way to make their products look perfect for use. However, there will be a lot of regulations and malfunctions with the object that they advertise does not show us and we will not even know that until we actually use the object. One time I had a coupon from the newspaper to use in a store but I could not use it because I have to purchase hundered dollars worth of merchandise in order to use that coupon. Another example of how the media shows only one aspect of something is when a special Asian country program was aired in the ABC news channel. The news showed
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