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Lakshmi Perumalla Two ways a woman can get hurt by Jean Kilbourne I totally agree with Jean Kilbourne that ads affect us in different ways. Many ads use women’s bodies to grab people’s attention. I faced so many problems about my weight when I was young. As a woman, I also had problems with my personality because I was a little bit over weight. When I was in high school my mother never let me eat any sweets or fatty foods because she was afraid that I may become obese. But my brother, who had more weight than was allowed to have anything he wanted because he was a boy and no one there was cared about his weight. When I was kid I did not understand all these things and used to fight with my mother and told her not to establish different eating styles between my brother and I just because of our gender differences. When I was in college I was inspired by the Television ads and I wanted to look like one of the models on the advertising ads. One weekend when I was watching T.V I have seen one ad showing that everyone can reduce weight easily without dieting and
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