Horatio - at the store. After some time the store manager...

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Lakshmi Perumalla Horatio Alger by Harlon L. Dalton. I agree with Alger that each individual has his or her own merits and have a fair opportunity to develop them and finally it will come out. I know some people who are talented and couldn’t succeed in their first attempt but if they keep on trying they will be do well at last. So many talented children who couldn’t afford college tuitions were stopping their education after high school and settling in low income jobs. One of my friends who is very talented and came first in all her subjects but couldn’t go for higher education because she had to work a local store to support her family and she also did not have enough money for higher education. I felt so bad and tried to convince their parents that she will get better job if she completed her degree. But they never listed to me or my friends’ arguments and they said that she still had to work
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Unformatted text preview: at the store. After some time the store manager recognized her talents and offered her a scholarship in order for her to go to college and let her work in the evenings. This way, she can attend a day time college and support her family while working in the night. She completed her degree and got a desirable job which she can support her family with better income. My friend is a perfect example of someone whose merits have developed because of the opportunity that she was offered. There are a lot of people that have gone through the same situation. However, only some people will be able to succeed because of their merits .Everyone has to try hard to come out of these bad situations and look for opportunities that will help them succeed in life. This also shows that even low income people who have merits will have the chance to go to a higher education and can success in life....
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