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Lakshmi Perumalla. A Touchy Subject by Paul Fussell I agree with Paul Fussell with his argument in ‘A Touchy Subject’ that most of us live in a society of classes. Most of us believe that classes are divided by how much money people have, but nobody will want admit that they are in a certain group of classes. Some classes can also be divided by the type of jobs that certain people have. However, in America I did not see many differences in the classes. I live in a small town where everybody is nice to each other and do not show any obvious signs differences in the amount of money someone has. Also, people from America are very nice to me and do not treat me differently even though I am an immigrant from another country. I came from India where we have so many different types of castes and religions. The people in India are so greedy; some people in one caste will not even talk to people from another caste. A common man can’t even buy a movie ticket without any influence
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Unformatted text preview: of upper class people. I did not see that difference here in America because it does matter if someone has lots of money or not, he or she can still go into a movie theater with out having to worry about the upper class The Federal Government is so strict here; they treat all classes equally, Even if they are from the upper class. For example, recently, a popular banker named Madoff committed a serious crime by stealing other people’s hard earned money. The government punished him with a 150 year jail sentence. In my country, however, if upper class people like Madoff made any mistakes, the government will usually not charge a penalty whereas, if a person from the middle class committed the same crime, the government will treat them in a different way. I really like that the American Government will treat all classes equally. A government should be able to punish people for committing a crime no matter how much money they have....
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