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Perumalla 1 Lakshmi Perumalla Vicki Baker English 101 May 11 2009 Influence of Income in Higher Education Education is everybody’s key to success. Education is important in everybody’s life. Having better education makes people think critically and solve problems without difficulty. In addition, they will get better jobs and will succeed in their lives. Having superior education also helps us to organize things and think positively in our daily lives. In school, we will learn to write and speak properly when we are in public. Employers will seek more educated people in their work places rather than non-degree employees. A college education is the surest way to acquire good job opportunities as well as maintain financial stability. Many young people dream about having successful careers as lawyers, doctors or managers, but to achieve these goals they must be effectively educated. Making the decision to attend college, going to college, and receiving a degree are all pivotal, life-defining experiences. Many young people are stopping their studies when they receive their high school diplomas because they don’t have enough money to pay for college tuitions. Higher education depends upon a family’s income. Today, it is hard to get into college and complete a four year degree because of competitive college admissions and higher tuitions. First of all, money plays a major role in college admissions. Many colleges examine a student SAT/ACT scores for admission to their college. Universities use SAT scores to compensate for the subjectivity of grades. A student, however, at an elite private school might have worked harder for his or her A than a student at an under-funded public school. Many high
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school students who get higher scores on the SAT/ACT are from higher income families. The SAT also has numerous prejudices that potentially hurt applicants. Mostly students from a higher class will score high in SAT rather than from a low class. Students from wealthy families can pay thousands of dollars for SAT preparation courses to get good scores. A large and determined gap exists in the performance of different ethnic groups also. African-American and Latino students perform on below average while white and Asian students score higher. The following table shows the scores of high school seniors from 2007. Table reference 2007 College Bound Seniors Average SAT Scores by sex, race and income, Critical Reading, Math, writing, Total Approximately 1.47 million test takers CRITICAL READING MATH WRITING TOTAL GENDER Female 502 502 502 1506 Male 505 536 491 1532 ETHNICITY Amer. Indian or Alaskan Native 487 494 474 1455 Asian, Asian Amer. or Pacific Islander 510 578 512 1600 African American or Black 434 429 428 1291 Mexican or Mexican American 454 465 452 1371 Puerto Rican 459 456 448 1363 Other Hispanic or Latino 458 463 450 1371 White 527 536 519 1582 Other 494 513 493 1500 No Response (9%) 487 506 482 1475 FAMILY INCOME Less than $10,000/year 429
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eassy42009 - Perumalla 1 Lakshmi Perumalla Vicki Baker...

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