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Weddings are really big ceremonies and celebrated for several days. Relatives and friends will attend for the wedding. In India most of the weddings are arranged by groom and bride parents. On that day generally bridge parents were responsible for food and ceremony hall arrangements. When I was 18 years old I still remember my elder sister’s wedding. There was a ceremony hall near to our house we booked that hall for the day. The hall was big enough to fit 2000 people. We know we can had around 1500 people for the wedding. On the wedding day my father and everybody in my house woke up early in order to reach the ceremony hall before the function starts. We arranged people for
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Unformatted text preview: decorating the hall with real flowers and with some lighting. They came at 6 am on that day to start the arrangements. My father also arranged some people for cooking the food. We generally hire people to cook the food at the ceremony hall and the hall management will provide all the stuff for cooking. The food has to be arranged by 11 am in order to all the people to complete their lunch by noon. Like here they will arrange tables with chairs, however the tables were long to hold a least 50 people per row. There are 30 rows with 50 chairs per row. The tables were covered with white shifon cloth and...
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