gandhi_final - Sathayagraha is what Mahathama Gandhi used...

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Sathayagraha is what Mahathama Gandhi used as a weapon to fight with the British Empire in order to get Independence for India. Sathayagraha means non-violence. Although Mahatma Gandhi was not awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, the honor (on er) has gone to several individuals who believed in and propagated his philosophy of peace and non- violence globally. Recently, Barack Obama has been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for following Gandhi’s footsteps.(I hope this one is good) In the next several minutes, I will tell you why every Indian including me will admire Mahatma Gandhi. He is a very influential nationalist that risked his life for the independence of his country and encouraged other people to take part in one of the most important movements of history: the salt march. He led thousands of Indians marched for 320km down to the sea to make their own salt and to get rid of high taxes Without Gandhi’s efforts, India would still be under the rule of the British Empire. Before I begin I would like to give some early background information on Gandhi’s life. Gandhi was born in October 2, 1869 in a Porbandar, Gujarati. He got married when he turned 13 years old to a woman named Kasturbai Makanjhi and they had four children. When he was 19, he traveled to London to study law in university London College.
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gandhi_final - Sathayagraha is what Mahathama Gandhi used...

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