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speech2 - Today I want to talk about Yun Li an asian woman...

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Today I want to talk about Yun Li an asian woman who worked hard to break down stereotypes in her work place. Yun Li was a victim of this, but now, she’s ‘speaking out’ about it. Li is very successful but she has what she calls ‘a language and speech handicap.’ she felt anxious to give public speaking because all the people in the group corrected her grammar regularly. Li says ‘People thought I wasn’t smart or educated because I spoke differently.’ She also talks about how she appeared to be ‘passive’ to others. She appeared that way because Asian women are stereotyped in that fashion. Helen Hu says that this is very common. Many Asian women and girls are respected like ‘outsiders’ and are also stereotyped as shy, passive, and submissive. There have also been unfair assumptions that because of their shyness and different accents, the Asian women are not good leaders. In order to establish credibility, Michael Soon Lee says that Asian females should take charge when they step out on the platform. This allows people to think twice about
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