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1) Statistics The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) statistics have shown that over the past 150 years the United States alone has emitted more greenhouse gases than any other nation which is about 24.9 tons of co2 per person per year 3) This afternoon, I’m going to tell you how we can minimize the effects of green house gases by taking simple steps at your home, office and road. 4) Before I begin, I’d like to tell more about green house gases 5) 3 6) To start, I’d like to tell few small changes in your home electricity
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Unformatted text preview: that can lead to big reductions of greenhouse gas emissions and save money. Now, I’d like to tell how we can take simple steps in the office to help reduce the green house gases Finally, I’d like to tell why we should reduce these gases 7) The goal of the U.S environmental protection agency is to reduce at least 5 tons of co2 per person each year. Together, we can change and reduce the effects of green house gases....
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