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1) Enthusiasm is contagious; if you are excited, some of your excitement will spread to your listeners. Speakers will take a subject likely to have much appeal and made it into fascinating speech. 2) Brainstorming is to write down whatever pops into your mind. The advantage of writing your thoughts down is that you end up with a document that can be analyzed. Seeing words on a page helps you focus your thinking 3) Most listeners are bored by speeches that give them no personal enrichment. Don’t try to convince listeners of what they already believe. 4) To Inform, To Persuade, To entertain 5) It is not a requirement to have jokes in entertaining speech. While jokes are an obvious component of many entertaining speeches, you can amuse or divert your
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Unformatted text preview: audience just as easily with other types of materials: stories, anecdotes, quotations, examples, and descriptions. 6) Begin the statement with an Infinitive, Include a reference to your audience, Limit the Statement to One Major Idea, Make your Statement as Precise as Possible, Make Sure You Can Achieve Your Objective in the Time Allotted, Don’t Be Too Technical. 7) Central Idea is the key concept of a speech 8) The specific purpose is written from your point of view and the Central idea is written entirely from the listener’s point of view. 9) To explain my audience how to choose the right exercise to reduce weight more easily without dieting. 10)...
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