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1 Welcome to CAP6545 Machine learning in Bioinformatics Instructor: Haiyan Nancy Hu Email: [email protected] MW 1:30-2:45PM BA221 Office hours (HEC 412): MW 2:45-4:15PM Let us know who you are • Name: • Department: • Degree pursuing: • Research Interest: • Where are you previously: • Machine learning v.s. bioinformatics, which one you are more familiar with? • Additionally… • Machine learning in bioinformatics : What do you expect from this class? • Why machine learning in bioinformatics? Objective • You will understand – What bioinformatics is – Some machine learning techniques applied in bioinformatics • You will be able to – Review and criticize current machine learning methods in bioinformatics – Communicate ideas about machine learning in bioinformatics – Propose a research topic -> rererere…search -> hopefully get published in one of high impact Journals Class Overview Focus on: The common schema is apply machine learning methods to bioinformatics study: DNA seqence, RNA concentration, Protein modeling, biological pathway, disease association, epigenetics… EM algorithm Neural network Hidden Markov Model Support Vector Machine Bayesian network…
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2 • Class website at [email protected] Bibliography • Reading Material: mostly journal papers • No required textbook Journal paper resources Nature (nature genetics, nature biotech…) Science PNAS (Proceeding of National Academy Science) Molecular System Biology Bioinformatics • BMC series: Bioinformatics, system biology • PLOS series: biology,computational biology • … google “bioinformatics” and “system biology”, there are a lot…
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notes 1 - Welcome to CAP6545 Machine learning in...

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