Management Control Systems

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Unformatted text preview: 10/16/2006, Vol. 141 Issue 14, p63-65, 3p, 1 color The Association of American Publishers, which also has begun to track e-book sales International Digital Publishing Forum (New York) McGraw-Hill Sold a magazine recently. Which one? From their 2009 10-K The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc. (the Registrant or the Company), incorporated in December 1925, is a leading global information services provider serving the financial services, education and business information markets with a wide range of information products and services. Additional markets include energy, automotive, construction, aerospace and defense, broadcasting, and marketing information services. The Company serves its customers through a broad range of distribution channels, including printed books, magazines and newsletters, online via Internet Websites and digital platforms, through wireless and traditional on-air broadcasting, and through a variety of conferences and trade shows. The Registrant’s 21,649 employees are located worldwide. They perform the vital functions of analyzing the nature of changing demands for information and of channeling the resources necessary to fill those demands. By virtue of the numerous copyrights and licensing, trademark, and other agreements which are essential to such a business, the Registrant is able to collect, compile, and disseminate this information. The Company’s books and magazines are printed by third parties. The Registrant’s principal raw material is paper, and the Registrant has assured sources of supply, at competitive prices, adequate for its business needs. 10-K “Risk Factors” Although advertising’s impact on the McGraw-Hill Companies is less than 5% of revenue, advertising is still a significant source of revenue in the Information & Media segment. In general, demand for advertising tends to correlate with changes in the level of economic activity in the United States and in the markets the Company serves. correlate with changes in the level of economic activity in the United States and in the markets the Company serves....
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10 - Vol 141 Issue 14 p63-65 3p 1 color The Association of...

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